Why we’ve gone away from Scrum

Scrum is, and has been for many years, thé way to go, when working with software. It’s even been so fully accepted that some companies are trying a full rollout with the so-called “Agile Enterprise”.

But in our small team of 9 of the best people, Nuuday has to offer, we’ve taken a different path. We’ve gone away from sprints, planning and retrospectives, and gone back to a fully agile approach.

We felt that the Scrum process wasn’t as agile as it was supposed to be, and ended up being more rigid than we wanted.

Our new process

We’re now running a fully agile Kanban board, with no biweekly meetings that steals our time. We’re still running Stand Up every morning, which enables each teammember to have an idea what the others are doing, and seek help in a open and friendly environment.

I, as the Tech Lead and functioning PO, am responsible of making sure that each teammember know what the next priority is, and bistand if there’re any concerns or issues with their current task.

We’re still having a weekly refinement, but only when I, or any teammember, feel like there’s a need for one, for instance if there’re many upcoming tasks that needs to be refined, or there’re other stuff we need to discuss or work on together.

We’re still in the early steps as we have only been doing this for a couple of months, but it feels like we’re more free to work on the tasks that we need, and we’re able to do it in the order that makes most sense for each assignment and not take what best fits in the duration of a sprint.

I’ll try to give an update later on aswell, so stay tuned.