This made our Hybridwork team work

Covid was a bad period for most of us, but something good did come out of it. Most of us discovered that it isn’t need for us to be in the office five days a week, to do our job. We can either work fulltime remote, or do the vastly popular Hybridwork, where we have some days in office, and some days from home.

In our team in Nuuday, we’re big fans of Hybridwork, and the freedom that come with it. But we also soon discovered that it’s not all good. Sometimes you need to see your coworkers, and they might be working from home, when you’re in the office. With free seating, which unfortunately is becoming more popular among employers together with Hybridwork, you might not even know if there’s a spot for you near your team.

That’s why we’re using Hybriteam. It enables us to easily have an overview of who’s expecting to come to office on which days, and therefore plan our own week better. If you really need to sit down with Marc from Accounting, then with Hybriteam you can see when he’s planning to be in the office. Maybe Sarah from Marketing needs to know when you’re in, and if you’re keeping Hybriteam updated, she knows instantly.

It has solved a small, but annoying, problem in our team, and it might just solved the same problem for you.

Check it out below

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